with Michael Hasenstab, Ph.D.

Current market pricing seems to reflect the notion all emerging markets are equally vulnerable to market headwinds, such as commodity price declines. Templeton Global Macro sees past the pessimistic headlines and makes a compelling case that finding attractive emerging markets opportunities lies in distinguishing the more resilient countries from the rest.

Emerging Markets: A Look Back at Lessons Learned

Emerging markets have come a long way since the 1990’s—when shocks could potentially trigger a systemic crisis. Dr. Michael Hasenstab discusses what’s different now.

Emerging Markets: Uncovering the Risks and Opportunities

Dr. Michael Hasenstab breaks down the five factors comprising the “Local Markets Resilience Index”—a proprietary scoring system which helps to identify true underlying risks relative to the opportunities.

Emerging Markets Case Study: Mexico

What is Mexico doing right? Dr. Michael Hasenstab highlights the factors behind Mexico’s strong economy.

Emerging Markets Case Study: Brazil

Are there bright spots to shine on Brazil? Dr. Michael Hasenstab offers his views on Brazil’s potential amidst crisis headlines.

Emerging Markets Case Study: Indonesia and Malaysia

Dr. Michael Hasenstab discusses how lessons learned from the Asian Financial Crisis helped lay a path for future prosperity.

Global Economic Outlook

Dr. Michael Hasenstab provides updates on key global themes—from US growth prospects, a soft landing in China, volatility in Europe and Japan’s QE program.

Topic Paper

Templeton Global Macro, led by Dr. Michael Hasenstab, delivers in-depth analysis on emerging markets opportunities.


Emerging Markets: Mapping the Opportunities

Michael Hasenstab provides an brief summary on how the Templeton Global Macro team selects which countries to invest in via the Local Markets Resilience Index (LMRITM), a proprietary scoring system used to analyze fundamental strengths of different emerging market countries.

South America shows value of patience when sifting EM contenders

Dr. Michael Hasenstab recently wrote a brief article for the Financial Times where he explains why he believes Brazil is poised for a potentially significant rebound in the long term.

How to navigate emerging markets

Dr. Michael Hasenstab recently wrote a brief article for InvestmentNews where he explains the formula his team employs when evaluating different fundamental strengths of emerging market countries.