Japan: The quest for growth and inflation

Japan has embarked on an unprecedented economic policy shift to finally break out of nearly two decades of low growth and deflation. Whether or not the new strategy succeeds will have substantial implications for the global economic outlook. The Templeton Global Macro team breaks down the factors that brought Japan to this moment and the obstacles the economy still faces.


Has QE resulted in a new era of permanent low growth and deflation? Dr. Michael Hasenstab counters the consensus and shares his own inflation analysis.

Global Environment

Dr. Michael Hasenstab and the Templeton Global Macro team examine the latest developments in the world's biggest economies and discuss why fresh global growth concerns may be overblown.

Focus on Japan

Is Japan on the road back to restoring growth? Dr. Michael Hasenstab and the Templeton Global Macro team take a closer look at the economy's history, progress and remaining challenges.

  • Japan: The Quest for Growth and Inflation
  • Japan: Abenomics Outlook
  • Global Economic Outlook

Japan: The Quest for Growth and Inflation

Japan has spent nearly two decades trying to defeat deflation and reignite growth. Dr. Michael Hasenstab looks at the lessons learned by the country, the challenges that remain and the current strategy to revive the economy.

Japan: Abenomics Outlook

Is Abenomics working? Dr. Michael Hasenstab examines the progress and the outlook for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's unprecedented economic policy.

Global Economic Outlook

Dr. Michael Hasenstab breaks down the latest developments in China after a summer of economic turmoil, and explains why he's still upbeat about the US and several emerging markets.


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